WMBG Area 

Thirst Project

Our Mission

The Williamsburg Area Thirst Project was founded in February 2020 to bring awareness of the water crisis to Williamsburg residents and to raise as much funding as possible to give clean water in eSwatini.

Approx. Total Raised:


Towards Next Well: $1076.56

Given Water to:

Kingdom of eSwatini

Approx. % of Well Funded:

1 Well Fully Funded + 8.97% of Next Well

A Thirst Project well in eSwatini costs $12,000. This percentage is based on that number and the amount we have raised that has exclusively gone to clean water projects.

Water for Life to:

843 People

This is calculated based on the price of a well and the average number of people it serves. A Thirst Project well in eSwatini costs $12,000 and serves an average of 480 people for life. Our fully funded well will serve 800 people once built.


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